One group, five divisions, over fifteen brands


Unilin is composed of five divisions, each with their own specific areas of expertise. Together they account for over fifteen leading brands. What binds these divisions? The enthusiasm to make the impossible possible.

Unilin Flooring

Unilin Flooring specialises in the creation of laminate flooring, engineered wood, vinyl floors, carpeting and all relevant accessories. Their best-known brands are Quick-step, Pergo and Moduleo. They are also known on the contract market as IVC Commercial.

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Unilin Panels

Unilin Panels produces innovative wood panels for the construction and interior sector, ranging from raw chipboards and MDF panels to finished HPL and melamine-faced wood panels. Our showpieces? The creative product designs, excellent service and ambitious sustainability vision.

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Unilin Insulation

Unilin Insulation produces insulation panels for roofs, walls, floors and attics. We also offer a range of self-supporting roof panels. Curious to see how people transform their homes into a warm, energy-efficient and sound absorbing cocoon? Discover all solutions and realisations on their website.

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Unilin Technologies

Innovation is a core value within Unilin Group. We constantly challenge the status quo and invest in research and development. Unilin Technologies converts these innovations into more than 3,000 patents for the flooring industry, the digital printing industry, ceramics, the construction industry, furniture, and wall and ceiling solutions.

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Godfrey Hirst

High-quality carpeting for residential and commercial spaces is the core business of Godfrey Hirst. The division carries a very generous range of modular carpet tiles and broadloom carpet designs and also manufactures carpeting in nylon, triexta and wool.

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